Full name:

Elizabeth Audrey,

what do people call you ?

when people first meet me they call me elizabethaudrey

but people that know me just call me liz lizard or audrey

how tall are you:

five seven

what piercings do you have?&how many have you had ?

i just have my medusa ,1 1/4 plugs and two piercings above my plugs & a dermal , and ive had monroe ,snakebites and nape

where do you shop?

american apparel h&m UO forever21 foreign exchange thrift shops ebay etsy and anywhere online <3

relationship status

taken :3

how do you get so many followers?

alot of “tumblr famous” people used to promo me and then i just started posting cute shit and it gained me alotta followers&the pictures of the clothes i make get lots of notes&that gains me a lot of followers

ohh you have a website :p link ?

yes i like to make clothes and stufff


what school do you go to?

el co in south whittier/la mirada

How come you havent made any  makeup/hair tutorials?

waiting to get a better camera :)

do you take requests ?

yes i do ,tell me what you want & ill try and make it <3

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